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ACT - Africa Centre for Transregional Research

The Africa Centre of Freiburg is a Competence Centre for Transregional, Reciprocal African Studies and Societal Exchange.

ACT, the Africa Centre for Transregional Research, at the University of Freiburg, is host for African researchers. ACT aims to establish a differentiated image of African reality in the public sphere.

ACT is a competence, service, and information centre for European African studies in teaching, research, and innovation.

With reciprocity of research as its guiding motive, ACT establishes a new form of cooperation between German, European and African researchers. 




Call for Applications: MIASA Fellowships (Individual and Tandem Fellowships) and Interdisciplinary Fellow Groups

(Deadline: 15 November 2021 and 15 December 2021)

WeltTrends - Das außenpolitische Journal
Vom Rande aus betrachtet: Das Humboldt-Forum und die Restitutionsdebatte

In the current issue of WeltTrends, Wazi Apoh and Andreas Mehler write about the difficult restitution debate and the perception of the voices of the objects' countries of origin (in German).



Humanities And Social Sciences Colloquium:
Basile Ndjio

25 October 2021 - 3 PM - 4 PM

EUCOR Cross-border Workshop Series: The trouble with the state. Boundaries and networks in Africa

25 October 2021 - 2 November 2021 - 9 November 2021

Pape Samba Sow "Zoumba"

Les Silences Du Miroir
Stage play and subsequent panel discussion

28 October 2021 - 6:15 PM - Grosser Saal im Friedrichsbau

Prof. Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni

Cognitive Imperialism in African Studies: Reflections on Decolonial Turns

29 October 2021 - 3 PM

Freiburg Africa Talks

African perspectives on migration research

8 November 2021 - 8 PM c.t.

Jakob Vogel (Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin)

Die "Kolonialwissenschaften" im französischen Hochschulsystem seit dem 19. Jahrhundert und ihr heutiges Erbe in Frankreich

24 January 2022 - 7:15 PM - 9 PM