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ACT in Video is an innovative format for improving science communication and lowering asymmetries in knowledge production. Our speakers present their research topics in a short, concise way. With English, German and French subtitles, these videos easily cross geographical and linguistic boundaries.
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"The Zimbabwean migration crisis is the biggest policy opportunity in South Africa"

(March 2021)

Dr. Khangelani Moyo, Independent Researcher, Johannesburg, South Africa

Dr. Khangelani Moyo has academic training in migration studies, urban studies, sociology and social anthropology. He completed his PhD at Wits university in 2017, focusing on migrant mobilities in urban spaces and how their spatial identities are negotiated in the city of Johannesburg. His research interests include migration management, refugee governance, migrant transnationalism, spatial identity in the city and social vulnerabilities in the urban periphery. He is also an associate of the Arnold-Bergstraesser-Institute in Freiburg where he collaborates on a research project on the political stakes of refugee governance in African.


Latest Publications:

The Corona Virus and Migration Governance in South Africa: Business As Usual?

Transnational Habitus and Sociability in the City: Zimbabwean Migrants’ Experiences in Johannesburg, South Africa

"Lowering asymmetries in knowledge production "

(March 2021)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Mehler, Director of ACT, Freiburg, Germany

Prof. Dr. Andreas Mehler is director of the Africa Centre for Transregional Research (ACT) at the University of Freiburg. He is director of the Arnold Bergstraesser Institute (ABI) and Professor of Political Science at Freiburg University since October 2015 after having served as director of the GIGA Institute of African Affairs in Hamburg (2002-2015). He is the President of the Executive Council of the Maria Sibylla Merian Institute for Advanced Studies in Africa (MIASA).